Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolutions 2015


I admit... I do resolutions. I don't do them the way most people do them. I think about what I want to work on for weeks... sometimes months. And if I break the resolution, I don't scrap it and quit. I've had resolutions that took me years to complete. In 2013 I resolved to run a 5K race. I didn't complete that until June of 2014. Did I fail? Nope. I persevered. In 2005 I vowed to stop wearing pants publicly. I've kept that going since and people don't even notice! In 2008, I vowed to have 120 by the end of the year... and did. My resolution for 2009 was to attend Show and Prove and I did. I don't see anything wrong with trying to bring more refinement to one's life. I think the thing with G's and E's is 11:14. If someone makes a resolution and doesn't keep it they think they need to commit suicide. It doesn't have to be like that.....

So here is the 2015 Lineup.

8 Scrubs
I hate wearing scrubs. Hate is not too strong a word. They don't look good on me and I don't like the idea of wearing a uniform. Also, I don't wear pants publicly unless I'm working out or cleaning outside. The last time I had a job where I had to wear scrubs, I gained 20 pounds without knowing. Scrubs are soooooo forgiving. You need to wear real clothes to keep you honest. If I put on an outfit and I have trouble buttoning it... I eat salad for lunch until I can. Scrubs..... not so much. Also... this devil I work with is DYING to wear scrubs. She doesn't have the clothes I have and resents having to dress everyday. She has been pleading to to boss to wear scrubs and he said that she could wear what ever she wanted. She refuses to wear the scrubs she desperately wants because I won't wear them. And I will continue to not wear them... until the boss gives in to her demands... as he always does. These bitches don't realize that I make my own clothes. I'm fly all day long. That won't change if forced to wear scrubs. Plus... I am becoming a midwife and midwives wear scrubs. I need them for that.

Stop Rushing and Slow Down
I rush all the time. I don't even know why. I hate being late, maybe that's why. I'm going to stop letting people goad me into their schedule and do me.

Be better about documenting activities
I do stuff. And this stuff needs to be written down as I do it. I need to keep my journal entries better and more timely.

I'm taking a vacation.
I haven't been on a vacation in 10 years. I think it's time. I work hard, I deserve it.

Weekly maintenance.
I'm getting older and need to forcibly stop and take care of myself each week. I'm going to do that.

Read all of Zora Neale Hurston's books.
That self explanatory. I read a lot. This is giving my reading more direction. My vacation will also tie into this exercise

Develop a new exercise plan.
You notice I say nothing about losing weight? I'm 44 and think I'm drifting into menopause. Definitely peri-menopause. My body is changing, my skin is changing, my sleep patterns are changing after decades of consistency. This is a natural change and I'm going with it. No need to fight it... it's going to happen regardless of the effort I put into stopping it. I just hope the mustache will be light. That being said, I want to get into a habit of regular exercise. I was running, but that just isn't enough. I need to be doing varied exercise. I was thinking about a modified/ghetto version of crossfit.

Get a new job.
I hate my job. I do. There is no place for growth, I dislike all but one of my coworkers, I'm not respected, I'm not compensated well, I get no benefits. All I have is security. I've been here for 11 years. I meant to be here for 6 months. This was supposed to be my transitional job to get me back in the workforce after the year and change I was off because my husband died. This job has paid bills and kept me comfortable. I appreciate that. But that's all. I work and for that I'm compensated. I have learned very little that I didn't already know. I do feel comfortable running my own practice now and my patient interaction has improved. This is going to be the gulliest of all my resolutions... but I hate this job so much... If I haven't found another by 2016... I'm quitting.

The thing about resolutions.... You should (a) make sure they are appropriate for you and your life. Don't ask for something you aren't ready to receive. You say you want to start dating but you haven't worked out the kinks with your baby mama/father. Or you want to lose weight but you can't afford the new wardrobe. Stuff like that. (b) Recognize that change is not going to happen overnight. If you quit smoking 1/1.... there is a 90% possibility that you will fail. But that doesn't mean you don't keep trying. The McClurkin song “we fall down, but we get up” is ringing in my head right now. Re-evaluate your resolutions at the end of the year... not when you mess up. (c) Make your resolutions doable. Don't say you are going to sprout wings and fly unless your a bird.

Do these with your resolutions and you will find yourself more refined by the end of the year.