Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dauntless vs. the Babies


Are ya'll as tired of these police assisted homicides as I am?

Yo... I hate cops. Not because of any personal issues I've had with cops. I'm not a criminal. I have no fear of cops. But cops have never done me a solid either. No cop has ever stopped me from being robbed. Though they will show up after the fact and tell me what I did wrong. And not ever attempt to look for the thieves. I've had cops give me tickets. I've had cops follow me and detain me because of their suspicions based on where they thought I should be. But I have never received justice at the hands of cops....

This thing that is truly irking me is the police reaction to the protests. Why are they having “feelings”? People in the US don't get to have “feelings” about their jobs. If you don't like your job.... quit. Most of us are “at will” employees anyway. The rest of us working non-cops just suck up the unpleasantness and keep it moving. I find it ridiculously unprofessional that these people who are paid with taxpayer money are protesting back.

I have a job that is at times unpleasant. I work in healthcare and there are lots of people who can't get what they want or don't want to be asked for money and get rowdy about it. Do I get rowdy back? No I don't. I smile and send their asses to collection. If I get gansta and respond back in kind, I lose my job. But for some reason cops are exempt from this process. I don't give a half of a fuck about how cops "feel." They need to protect these protesters because that's THEIR job.

This situation so reminds me of the movie Divergent. The Dauntless group is the police and they have been brainwashed to think that it cool to exterminate an entire faction. The devil always tells on himself. Somebody.... like their bosses... needs to sit down with the cops and have a come-to-jesus moment. Let these jokers know that we are not at war and you just can't be shooting folks because they are Black. But these cops are talking back to the boss. All cops serve at the pleasure of the mayor. You don't get to tell your boss to kiss your ass.

Geraldo Herrera and his ilk needs to have SEVERAL seats talking about Black people are at fault because we are scary or because we wear hoodies. That dog don't hunt. (a) that's inaccurate and (b) its a stupid cop-out. They see a Black person and get scared? We can't stop being Black. Big tall men can't stop doing that either. Their women don't seem scared to be around our Black rich. I suppose money makes one less scary. Maybe poor Black people are scary. But we aren't so scary that we can't clean your homes and watch your kids. White use that excuse when they don't want to do right.

Example.... I took a belly dancing class a few years ago. It was something I had always wanted to do. Try as I might, I couldn't find a Black teacher. And there is a big belly dancing community in Atlanta. So I found a beginners class that had several Black students, including a few personal friends. The instructor took my cash money for the class and that was the last interaction I had with her until the class was over. I struggled with the class... shattering the myth that all Black people are born dancers... and whenever I tried to get some help from the instructor she pushed me off. At the end of the class, the students were sitting around talking. They asked me what class I was taking next. I said none. I had tried it and didn't like they experience. The instructor heard me and said that I should take another teachers class. I asked why? She said that I scared her and that's why she shied away from me. I looked at her for a moment and asked her, “Why?” she said I was scary looking. I asked her “Why weren't you afraid to take my money?” and then when she couldn't answer that I said,”If I'm so scary, maybe you need to walk away now that I KNOW you purposefully beat me for $80.” Me... a 5'3.75” female. This chick had 4” on me in height. Plus we were in a white community. If she called the cops they would actually show up.

Switching gears a bit.... I feel sorry for this current generation of young people. This level of racism must be a hard pill for them to swallow. My parents were part of the civil rights era. They grew up in the south with all the Jim Crow restrictions. My parents never considered themselves the same as white people. I'm not saying they considered themselves less than white folks; but they knew that there were differences and that said differences would never be reconciled. They only wanted the opportunities that white people afforded themselves and because they were...and still are …. in power, deny Black people. Older Black people's philosophy was... “Just give us a chance to live like human beings.”

My generation was raised knowing that the doors had been opened and that we could walk in and demand a seat at any table. I did. And many of my contemporaries did. Those that didn't, chose not to... and that is okay too. Folks should be able to make choices that satisfy them. That's Equality. But never have I ever considered myself the same as a white person. My parents told me of their seperate-but-equal experiences... I have had my own interactions with white people. They are different. I have never aspired to be like one of them. But this current generation of children under 30 didn't get that memo.

I've had many jobs, and one of them was an 8th grade history teacher. These Original children don't see themselves as different from white folks. They see themselves as the exact same. They like white music and dress as they do. I'm not used to seeing Black children mimic and emulate white stars. It has to be a slap in their faces to see how white folks are behaving now. For me, these current events don't surprise me. I don't trust white people at all. I have 'pets' but they are 1 per situation and that's as far as it goes. I don't invite white people to my home. I chose to not live near them. These children are not taught to deal with adversity, so they don't have a clue what to do other than assemble and march. They don't have an idea how to exist without their pale friends. They're too close. The thought of truly boycotting white folks is as drastic as cutting off a limb. And that's our fault.

We have done a piss poor job in educating our children on how the devil does. We can't point to something that happened 100 years ago and expect them to have a visceral reaction. Slavery offends me, but it only embarrasses these young people. In another generation, it will be forgotten all together. I am incensed that my parents and old people had to live under Jim Crow.... that's my mama and daddy!!!!.... but this younger generation has no clue what Jim Crow actually means. It's not taught in schools (I taught it and the administration got mad) and without that bit of crucial information the civil rights era become confusing and irrelevant for these kids. Talking about it only in February is not effective. Ask a 12 year old Black child who was MLK and what did he do. they will answer, "He freed the slaves." SMH....

As always... I strive not to complain for complaining sake. But I have discussed this in previous posts and if you follow me, I've already given my solution. I'm just coming through to drop my Cee....