Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What year is this?


I said I wasn’t going to give this attention in this venue… But that was a stupid claim. I suppose I feel like, what can one person do? And I don’t even have that many followers so how many people would actually see this? But it doesn’t matter.

This white on Black brutality at the hands of the police is some bullshit!

This situation has also given me moments of contemplation.

My parents come from that marching, boycotting generation. They were very proud that they had eradicated racism and now we were all completely equal. Funny… they are strangely quiet now that racism has re-reared its ugly head. If it was cured, then the issues of our children getting killed by white people shouldn’t exist, right? The “stand your ground laws” would never have been passed, correct?

My Cee on this violence is what public lynchings were in it’s time. A way for white people to scare Black people into submission. Simple as that.

Planning to boycott white businesses is stupid for a few reasons…
• First reason is we would never be able to boycott long enough for it to have an effect. One day? Really??? Are you stupid? People don’t buy things on Christmas and businesses don’t fold. When the business heads hear about it, they know people will either spend their money the day before or the day after.
• Black people don’t own credit card companies, banks, gas stations, grocery stores, buses, etc. One of the unintended effects of the civil rights era is that Black people were free to work in white business and patronize white establishments. For many… white is better. So Black businesses were effectively smothered. We don’t have enough for us to keep our money in our own communities.
• Fraternizing with white folks has allowed us to take on their values. They don’t care about folks outside of themselves. And now we don’t either. We are all about “Me 1st.”
• Yet another reason why boycotts won’t work is because white folks are ready for them. We boycotted and marched in the 60’s. white folks wasn’t ready for that so it was an effective exercise. They are ready now. I won’t work in 2014. EXAMPLE: Look at ford Motor company… Henry Ford was a raging anti-semite. He even commandeered a newspaper spouting his views. Jews for GENERATIONS refused to buy Fords. If boycotts worked, Ford would have ceased to exist somewhere around the 1950’s. When was the last time you saw a Ford? Right!

They got us in a literal choke hold people.

Leaders don’t work. white folks are looking for one too…. Obama can’t be a “Black Leader.” He is still working hard to be the super non-confrontational and benign yet effective so that another, but long into the future Black POTUS can happen again. Sharpton is a snitch. Jesse is messy. John Lewis is a joke. Nelly… well that wasn’t ever gonna happen. There are no leaders coming to save us folks. And we don’t need one. Causes need leaders. People/races don’t. That would make it a kingdom… Blacktopia… and not a movement. Each individual Black person is capable of making decisions for themselves.

Prayer doesn't work, I'm sorry to tell you. If prayer worked, I'd have a great job, I'd have hit the lottery for a jillion dollars and all my dead people would still be alive. And this wouldn't a problem because white folks wouldn't exist. So....

I’m not judging the actions of ANYBODY in Ferguson… except the police. They can’t be this stupid. The people are mad that the police killed an innocent child. The boy was 18. Have you met an 18 year old that was a responsible adult-acting adult? I’ll wait. Does anybody even know how long he’d been 18? C’mon son….. The police are the reason why folks are mad. If the police left… the violence would stop. The cops with their mere presence incited these riots. I suspect they want to try out there new riot gear and what better way? I ain’t mad at riots either. Folks may not think violence is the solution. But violence ALWAYS sparks a reaction.

Now I wouldn’t Build without my own plan. I have one. But I’m not sharing it. Part of the reason why the efforts in Ferguson aren’t successful is because it leaks out and white people have time to counteract the plan before it even has a chance to work. Negroes tell the white man their secrets to stay on their good sides. It is in their best interests for the races to be at odds with each other. There is more of them than us... no matter what you’ve heard. They have all the tools needed for living and we have nothing…. Absolutely NOTHING. Right now… evaluate your food clothing and shelter and tell me where you get them from? They hold us hostage with their jobs, assistance, mortgages, credit scores, banks, stores, etc…. We done got Stockholm syndrome. It hurts me to admit, American Black people cannot live without the white man’s interventions. They designed it like that to trap us. And we are all caught. We worship money with white faces.

But if you take anything from this Build take this…. There are no such things as “Good white people.” There are white people. And none of them would trade places with you or lay their lives down for you. When have they done you a solid? And why do y’all feel compelled to love those who don’t love you back? Wake the fuck up please! They would not inconvenience themselves for you. Keep that in mind… and keep it moving.