Thursday, August 14, 2014



You know I appreciate learned individual. I do. It takes a special person who has the discipline to sit down and do all manor of research before they act. And one of our Nation’s mottos is “Babies are the Greatest.” I see the term “Babies” to mean one that is teachable. As folks grow older, I suspect because of life experience and accumulated Knowledge, they tend to become less and less teachable, simply because they refuse to take on new information. B.U.T…… what I think people forget… Is we are not just about the acquisition of Knowledge. The Very next degree tells you to move!

So many people jaw-jack. Yes… I’m country… at times!!! Jaw-jacking is when folks sit around espousing on all the knowledge they have acquired. That’s fine because you may spark somebody… But at some point you must do something with all that Knowledge. Otherwise it slips into the realm of trick-Knowledge.

Example… I have Built before that I am learning a new language. Cool. I’m acquiring that Knowledge. But I have been speaking it to a few people that I know who speak that language (and they are tickled, that I, an American, am willing to learn their language). The office I work has gotten some new patients because of the exercise. See? Knowledge the Wisdom.

Example… I’m a dentist. And even though my career has been “non-traditional” I have managed to impart my excitement about the field to other people and aid them in their desire to pursue the profession. My Knowledge led to Wisdom.

Example…. I was curious about how to make crack cocaine. I have never used an illegal substance in my life. That includes weed. But… I was curious. I saw a video on youtube. OK. I acquired a piece of Knowledge. But unless someone walks up to me and says answer this question and I will give you a million dollars (or even $5), someone hold s a gun to my head and insists I answer a crack question or I end up on Jeopardy… I put a useless piece of information in my head

Alls I’m saying is don’t just hoard… be useful with it.