Sunday, December 8, 2013

TM - Bulid/Destroy: Rain, Hail, Snow and Earthquakes


As I was driving to work, contemplating my degrees while listening to Brand Nubian I started thinking about the weather. More specifically, what brings Rain, Hail, Snow, and Earthquakes? And you know the answer….. But the answer is actually true and not an allegory.

I live in Allah’s Garden. This is considered the deep south of this wilderness of North America. It has been cold as shit (at or below freezing) for the last month. That is not normal. This time of year, the high should be in the high-mid 50’s. The last frost date wasn’t until nearly the end of May here. What is causing all this to happen? Freaking global warming.

If you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years I’ll make Knowledge Born. Global warming is a man made phenomenon that has caused the Earth’s temperature to rise. The rising means the summers are hotter. But the Earth seeks balance and the winters are colder. The increase in the Earth’s temperature causes glaciers to melt increasing the amount of water available for uptake by the atmosphere. That causes rain. In colder currents you get snow. In areas where different currents meet other currents, you get hurricanes/cyclones/monsoons which often come with hail. Tornadoes can be created by these storms and they always bring hail with them. And earthquakes….?

Have you heard of fracking? Fracking is breaking of rocks with pressurized liquid in search of gas. Yo, that is some diabolical shit. Fracking leads to air pollution and water pollution. The pressurized poison, I mean liquid, that flows back and gets mixed up in the water and then is left behind. The gas released is only partially caught. The rest floats out into the atmosphere jacking up the ozone. Imagine fracking being done near a fault line. Do you think corporations care enough about you to NOT do that? They care about money not people. But they will give the locals a job right before they poison them. And hope they die before they can cash the paycheck.

So who is causing all of this to happen? People; the son of man to be exact. Well my degrees explain that the colored man descended from the Original man. Would that not make him a ‘son’? But Original aren’t left unaccountable. We never take responsibility for anything. We constantly blame the white man. We are consumers of questionable products and never check to see if they are good for us or the environment. Even products that we KNOW are hazardous to the environment we still use. You know…. Like disposable DIAPERS! It’s easier, cheaper and available so why not?

So what to do because this isn’t a blog of rants and raves; well… not normally. I seek solutions. On this Build/Destroy day we must do just that. Build by making a promise to educate yourself on where your products come from. Destroy the ignorance and unconcern that allows the devil to prosper unchecked. And if you find the product or the manufacture distasteful, don’t use them. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.



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