Monday, December 9, 2013

TM- Born: Cause and Effect


I know I beat up on organized religion. I see it as the foundation of Yacub’s World Manifest. When you look at any bad situation, what do you see? A church or a “holy man.” If churches really caused good things to happen, then the hood should be an oasis because there are always a plethora of churches in the hood. Churches and priests have always come along with conquest. Religious people get passes. They are looked on as ‘helpers.’ But who are they helping? They are helping the colonizers by tenderizing the people before they go on the grill. Why do I say the religious man is more dangerous than the soldier? Follow me…

Religious people teach and persuade people towards belief. Belief is stupid and dangerous. It suspends the natural law of cause and effect. Science: Rain + sunshine + fertile soil + seeds = plants. Religion: Pray for food and food will appear. Religious people set folks up for the downfall in many different Ciphers with said belief. The primary religious belief is this…..

When you believe that nothing caused something in particular… then you will believe nothing will cause anything.

The mystery god does not exist. By persuading folks that it does is indoctrinating them into the thought that nothing… which is the mystery god…. causes things to happen. When you accept that ‘logic’ then you will attribute anything to said mystery god. And you hear it all the time…. “It was God’s will…” No fool. There is a reason for everything. If you don’t know what those reasons are, investigate. If you still can’t find a reason then this area is wide open for research. There is nothing wrong with saying, “I don’t know.” There is, however, something wrong with saying “its god’s will.”

When you accept that nothing can cause anything you become complacent and ripe for the picking. The powers that be or, in other words, the government and/or big corporations can and will do what ever they want to you because they know you will never hold them accountable for their actions. Do you know why? Because it’s was gods will. You will believe that war is gods will, taxes is gods will, fracking is gods will, GMOs are gods will, poverty is gods will, abuse is gods will, etc. and even look forward to the ‘testimony’ that you will have once its over. That is some loaded bullshit.

Religions have destroyed ancient books and libraries (we have no idea what we could have been with that information), have caused people to reject new and different information on the bases that folks are trying to play god or needing to guard your heart. Religion has caused wars like the Crusades, the Holocaust, the Gulf war and the war in Afghanistan. Religious sparked the dark ages and slavery. Religion causes people to kill their own family members because they sinned against their mystery gods and the religious community is good with that. Religions have marginalized folks, driven others crazy all in the name of their deity. I reject that. I advocate all people reject that foolishness. But you do you. Though I’m wondering why your reading my blog if you are cool with religion.

The 9:40 states that religions actively conceal who God is. And seek to blind their own “believers” to that reality. But the telling thing in that degree is how the masses are aware that truth is not what they’ve been fed (Knows it rain, hails and snows, hears the thunder about their heads), yet still do nothing to open their eyes. I don’t buy that the masses are blind. Their eyes are just closed. The truth is right in front of you but if your eyes are closed you can’t see it.

It is said, “If you want to hide something from a Black person put it in a book.” What is being said with that insulting phrase is that Black people have been indoctrinated enough to accept that all the trials and tribulations they experience is from the mystery god. And since your arms are too short to box with god, there is no point in fighting. And we continue daily to get anally raped by the devil. As long as you worship and give praise to the mystery god for all that is good in your life and blaming others or yourself when something doesn’t go right you have lost the ability so see cause and effect. And you are busted.

The lost and found in the wilderness of North America were once mentally dead but many have recovered from it. But they weren’t physically dead only mentally dead.



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