Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Wisdom Power abbt God

Peace Y’all,

Do you know what I find incredibly interesting? How the Wisdom degree of the 1:14 and the Power degree of the same lesson set play off each other.

Firstly…. Today’s Supreme Mathematics is Wisdom Power abbt God. I cee that to mean you ways and actions will empower you to be your best self. Now that protocol has been established…..

Why did Musa have a hard time civilizing the devil? Ok. In the Wisdom degree the devil was savage and in need of a ½ Original man to hook him up. Three degrees later he has come up to the point where he can just take over Original cities like Jerusalem? Damn.

My 3rd eye says that folks can’t do anything to you unless you let them first. Let them, let them in, drop your guard, something. And that is the lesson here.

Are you trapped in a bad job ( I am!)? A bad relationship? A bad home? Just a bad run of things? Well (a) you allowed that to happen, by making poor choices or just being complacent (guilty), and (b) you, and only you, have the ability to change said bad situation. So put your grown woman panties or grown man drawers and handle your damn business.

I’m not suggestion just going a ham and quitting everything. NO. But start mathematically by doing the Knowledge to what you need to do to change said situation. Then, and only after you have done your research, take the most appropriate and logical step.

At the end of the day, you want to be the one to determine what you are to be called. 7:14 And take Jerusalem (your peace of mind) back.