Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Create out of Nothing....


This is not a spooky post.

Sometimes…. We have to create our own conditions and reality. I find that is the most difficult thing to do.

Think about this…. When you have a desire, where did said desire come from? Chances are you saw someone who had what you want or something so similar that it was easy to draw that up in your mind. But what happens when you desire something that you’ve never seen before? Serenity how is that possible? Did the Wright brothers ever see a plane before? Did Alexander Graham Bell ever use a telephone before? Did Eli Whitney’s slaves ever see a cotton gin?

It’s easy to create something based on a design set forth from another. The founding members of Alpha Phi Alpha were Black men on a white college campus. There were other fraternities on Cornell’s campus. Not that they could join. But they started a tradition that didn’t just include that chapter of that particular frat, but the entire ”Divine Nine” that followed and still follows. Those men created something that did exist prior but made it so different that it doesn’t really match what it was based on.

But what happens when you want something that never existed before? Now YOU must be the sole entity to conceive, create and manifest your goal…. And that is scary. How will you know what to expect? How will you know if you are progressing? How will you know if you’re successful? There is so much that can go amiss. But whether you are successful or not… You did something. You learned something. And of that, you can be proud.