Monday, January 27, 2014



Folks try to tell me all the time what I should and shouldn’t post to this blog.. my blog. Yeah… You know how that goes. Folks say I should only post happy positive Builds. That would be erroneous since you find all the currents in any given Cipher. But I find that my beloved Nation is growing more and more impotent as time passes….

When I was a teenager and first came in contact with the 5%ers, I was made clear that there were rules and regulations conducive with affiliation. Males HAD to learn 120. If for some reason you could not, you weren’t allowed to add on in a formal capacity with the Gods. The women had to have a God. Back in the 80’s women weren’t being taught 120 so the only way you could add on was with a man’s aid. Either your sibling or father (which is the best IMO) or a boyfriend/husband. Folks were real specific about who you were and how you got there, i.e “who is your educator?” I had a friend that must have had a learning disability and couldn’t commit anything passed the 1-36 to memory. And he got kicked quickly to the curb. You also don’t see retarded folks standing in the Ciphers either. You mentally have to be on your game to call yourself God.

I was taught that you only got a flag (a button to wear on the lapel of your coat) when you mastered 120. Meaning, you had to commit it memory, pull degrees out at will and quickly and be able to draw said degrees up on a moments notice. Nothing about that is easy. And it served as a means to separate the Gods form the 85. should you get caught wearing a flag you didn’t earn, you were stripped of it… usually very aggressively. You could get it back once you could demonstrate 120 proficiency. Things have changed….

Jay Z is publicly wearing our flag. Beyonce is publicly wearing our flag. No one is saying shit. I do not know if jay Z is qualified to wear our flag. He is my age and from medina. I have no doubt that he has Built with the Gods before. I do question if he completed our curriculum. And I question if he can recite and Build on degrees today. She is not qualified to wear a flag.

But a lot of Gods say he is. He is a Black man, with a Black wife and a Black baby. I have heard the argument that he is the flag. Well…. A lot of ordinary, non famous people fit that description who if wore a flag would get it snatched off their chest. Does Jay Z and his family go to church? Beyonce certainly doesn’t display 3/4ths. Was his daughter (or other children) baptized? And Blue Ivy ain’t a righteous name no more than Erykah Badu’s Puma, Seven and Mars. Has Jay Z taken a shahada? These are questions I cannot answer because he has not made his life open enough for folks to see, nor has he addressed these issues. Folks can query that it isn’t my business and they might be right. But this is MY Nation and for folks to misrepresent it is everyone who claims it’s business. His lyrics aren’t particularly righteous and he has never performed at S&P. So……?

You disagree? Join an organization and publicly misrepresent it and see what happens. After you pay the slander fees and possibly serve the jail time you would be careful not to do that again.

This is an insult. And the reason I see it as such is, Jay Z has publicly shown us and everyone else in the world that we… Allah’s 5% nation of Gods and Earths…. that we do NOT have the ability to defend ourselves. He has castrated us. He not only wears our flag without ever making an explanation about why he feels qualified, and put it on his wife as well. Now I go all stans for Bey, but she doesn’t get that kind of pass from me. I EARNED my flag. Why do these people not have to follow suit? Is it because they are rich and powerful? That is so not the mission of our Nation. We don’t hate o folks with money, but we don’t express this Culture for the sole reason for getting paid.

Now some additional shit is brewing here in the metro Allah’s Garden Cipher(s). shit has come forth and decisions were made. My question at the beginning was; if declarations are to be made and edicts handed down… who will enforce them? What is the point if making said rules and regulations if no one is going to abide by them? It’s like having a government with no police.

I suppose when Gods say this famous family gets a pass, what they really mean they don’t have the Power to stop him for doing what he wants and that’s true. But then stop claiming that you are hard, because you aren’t.



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