Friday, February 13, 2009


I do not like my coworker. In fact I have never liked her. She is simple, slow and incredibly easy to lead in the wrong direction. She stands on her square of ignorance and refuses to even consider another way of thought. I find it hilarious that she can feel so superior and so sure that she knows everything there is to know and didn’t graduate from high school or attend college. She has all sorts of plans for her daughter’s education that don’t even go together. She refuses to talk to any of us that work here about it. All the rest of us have not only completed college but even higher degrees. She believes everything that her church/prison house claims is gospel without question. Church is big here in the south. I know plenty of people that go to the mega-church she attends and their methods and teachings are among other things… suspect. Whatever the devils have to say she believes them 100% and at face value.

I am not a proselytizer. Nope. Not at all. Even when I was a devout Christian, I didn’t proselytize. I figured that being an example of the lifestyle was enough to draw people. I still feel that way. The Earth has a magnetic core. That’s why a compass works. So if you want at this culture, you can view it through my example. I say all this to say that whereas other folks have come around me wondering why I have a new sense of studious and civilized calmness, she has noticed and has been particularly and vocally resistant. Not that I care.

I have come to the conclusion that she is a nurse. When I first got the wisdom build degree of the knowledge to culture cipher, along with being awed by its length, I wondered how Original people could do this to their own people. All the henchmen/women followed Yacub’s rules, regulations and laws as gospel. To me, the nurse had the most despicable of all the jobs. She (and there are male nurses) was the one to do the actual dirty work. Once she did her job, there was no going back. She was the actual murderer! I see this chick as a murderer because she receives her rules and acts without thought. I suppose the lure of that pie in the sky was too much for some folks, although no one have ever returned to confirm or deny it’s existence. I watch her move in her own cipher just fucking shit up. Setting things into rotation that will, without a doubt collide. Warning her does no good. She doesn’t believe me or anybody other than her preacher/overseer.

Well I can’t be bothered. A few weeks ago I was trying to explain a simple concept to her regarding our work, and she could not or refused to open her mind to allow anything in or out. I have no idea why she was being so resistant to me. Again, I don’t care. But I have made the conscious decision to keep my jewels to myself. Ezekiel 3:18 says that we are required to warn the wicked. I did my job. I keep my sphere as far away from hers as possible, while keeping the borders from overlapping as much as possible. And when her iniquity catches up with her, my hands will be clean.